What are Motion Functions? How do I use them?

When activated, Motion Functions allow your light to change colors and flashing patterns based on your movements.

Speed Function will make the light change between Sequence 1 and 2 based on how fast you are moving. Note: Each Sequence can be programmed with its own unique Color Set and Flashing Pattern.

Tilt Function will make the light change between Sequence 1 and 2 of any mode based on whether it is pointing up or down. 

Flux Motion will only use the first 3 colors of Sequence 1. It blends between these 3 colors based on your speed.

Motion OFF will only use Sequence 1. This will display the same thing no matter how you move it.



Motion Functions can be activated using either the Glove Light or the EmazingLights app. Both are broken down below.

Select a Motion Function on the EmazingLights App


  1. Go to your Modes and select a mode to edit.
  2. Look for the 1 and 2 buttons toward the top right to edit each Sequence
  3. Tap Motion Settings below that to select the type of Motion Function.
    - You can also adjust motion sensitivity thresholds in this menu. Tap the (i) button for more information.


Select a Motion Function on the Spectra Glove Light

  1. Click to turn the Spectra ON
  2. Click to the mode where you want to turn Motion Functions on.
  3. Hold button until the light flashes PINK, then release.
  4. Click to see four Pink options:
    - Solid for Speed Function
    - Fast Blink for Tilt Function
    - Medium Blink for Flux Motion
    - Slow Blink for Motion OFF.
  5. Click and hold the option you want to select for half a second, then release.

See Here for how to Modify your Motion Functions >>

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