How do I organize my modes?

Reorder Your Modes

You can use this function to take your programmed modes and reorder them in any order you want. You can also set the light to be anything less than 6 modes (1 mode for conjuring, 2 modes, 3 modes, etc.). You can also use a mode more than once. However, you are limited to 6 mode slots. Please reference the example diagram below. 

  1. With the light OFF, click and hold the button down until it flashes GREEN, then release.
  2. Click and hold the first option, HIGH GREEN (H) to enter mode reordering. Or, click and hold on LOW GREEN (L) to exit mode reordering.
  3. After selecting HIGH GREEN (H), you will see a flashing GREEN. Click past this to view your 6 programmed modes in default order.
  4. To create your new mode order, find the mode you want to be positioned first, then click and hold to select it. Continue to select all the modes in your desired order.
  5. At any time, click and hold on flashing GREEN to exit. 
  6. To return to default mode order, turn the light OFF, and click and hold the button down until it flashes GREEN again. This time select LOW GREEN (L). Your light will return to the default mode order, but it will keep the custom-programmed colors and flashing patterns. 

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