How do I transfer my programmed modes from one Spectra Evolution light to another?

  1. With the light OFF, click and hold the light until it flashes YELLOW, then release. 
  2. There will be 3 YELLOW options to choose from:
    • Strobe (Receive)
    • Blinky (Send)
    • Flicker (Cancel)
  3. Choose which lights that you want to transfer modes to. Click and hold for half a second on the first option, Strobe (Receive). The light will change to BLUE, meaning it is ready to receive modes via Chip Transfer. 
  4. With the light that you want to send modes from, click to the second option, Blinky (Send), and hold for half a second. The light will change to WHITE, meaning it is ready to send modes via Chip Transfer. 
  5. With both lights ready for Chip Transfer, hover the WHITE light over the BLUE light with the bulb pointed at the chip.                                                                                                  
  6. You will know that everything has transferred successfully when the receiving lights flash AQUA 3 times. Lastly, with the light that is WHITE, click once to exit Chip Transfer.
  7. If you are in Chip Transfer mode and decide you do not want to transfer mode, then click to the 3rd option Flicker (Cancel), hold for half a second, and you will return back to your normal 6 modes. 


  • OUTSIDE OF GLOVES: Hover the 'Sending' light 1cm above the 'Receiving' light.
  • INSIDE OF GLOVES: Take the 'Sending' light and make contact to the center of the 'Receiving' light's chip. 

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