How do I turn my lights ON/OFF and set the eLock feature?

Turning ON/OFF

  1. Click the Spectra Evolution's glove light center button to turn your light ON.
  2. Once ON, click the button to cycle through all 6 default modes. It will always start on Mode 1, and it will return to Mode 1 after it has cycled through all enabled modes.
  3. To turn the Spectra Evolution glove light OFF, click and hold the center button down for half a second in any mode, then release. 

Note: If the chip is not turning on or off as described, check to see that eLock or Flow/iNova Timers aren’t activated.


Use this function to lock your Spectra Evolutions glove lights or Smart Hub so they don't turn on when they are stored away.


With the light OFF, hold the button down until it flashes RED. Then release. Hold to select HIGH RED (H) and your lights will turn off and lock. They cannot be turned on by clicking manually. OR, click and hold on LOW RED (L) to exit eLock. 


Click and hold the button for 3-5 seconds. Your light will flash RED for a brief moment, then return to its normal functions, while retaining all custom programming. 

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