What is a color set? How do I create color sets?

What is a color set?

A color set can hold up to 8 colors from the color palette. Each mode has 2 programmable color sets. Color Set 1 is seen without any motion of the chip, while Color Set 2 is only seen with motion of the chip. Color Set 2 Will not be seen if motion features (Pink) are off.

How do I create my own color sets?

  1. With the light ON, click until you see the mode you want to edit.
  2. Hold the button until the light flashes ORANGE, then release.
  3. You will see a slow flashing Orange. To program Color Set 1, click past the first slow flashing Orange. If you wish to skip this and program Color Set 2, hold the button on the fast flashing Orange until it turns off, then release. You will notice the slow flashing light will blink faster. This indicates you are about to program Color Set 2.
  4. After clicking past the flashing Orange, click to see the 36 color palette (see below).
  5. When you find the first color you want, hold the button down and release at high(H), medium(M), or low(L) brightness to select the color’s tint. Repeat for up to 8 colors per color set.
  6. When looking for your other desired colors, wave the light around to see a Live Preview of the colors you’ve already programmed combined with the color you're currently considering.
  7. To program less than 8 colors, exit by going to the “Blank” color (indicated by a flashing white light) and holding the button down until you see a flashing Red.
  8. After you have gone through Color Sets 1 and 2, the light will automatically return to displaying the mode with its new colors.


Spectra Glove Light 36 Color Palette
1. White
2. Blank
3. Red
4. Orange
5. Banana Yellow
6. Yellow
7. Lime
8. Cosmic Owl
9. Space Ghost
10. Chartreuse
11. Lime Green
12. Green
13. Mint
14. Seafoam
15. Turquoise
16. Cyan
17. Neon Blue
18. Light Blue
19. Sky Blue
20. Blue
21. Lens Flare
22. Purple
23. Lavender
24. Hot Purple
25. Blush
26. Barney Purple
27. Pink
28. Hot Pink
29. Light Pink
30. Peach
31. Snarf
32. Warm White
33. Silver
34. Luna
35. Soft Blue
36. Tombstone

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