What is a Flashing Pattern? How do I change Flashing Patterns?

 What is a Flashing Pattern?

A Flashing Pattern is the way in which the light flashes. Does it strobe super fast, blink super slow, or does it just stay solid? Turn your lights on and wave them very fast in front of you to see.

The Spectra has 33 unique built in Flashing Pattern options (listed below), and the EmazingLights app allows you to create an infinite amount of new custom Flashing Patterns on your own.

How do I change Flashing Patterns?

  1. With the light ON, click until you see the mode you want to edit.
  2. Hold the button until the light flashes BLUE, then release.
  3. You will see a fast flashing blue. To change the flashing pattern of Flashing Pattern 1, click past the first fast flashing blue. If you wish to only change the Flashing Pattern 2, hold the button on the fast flashing blue until it turns off. You will notice the low flashing light will blink slower. This indicates you are on Flashing Pattern 2 and ready to change the flashing pattern.
  4. After you click past the flashing blue, click to explore your 33 flashing pattern options.
  5. Move the light to see a Live Preview of the flashing pattern with the programmed colors for the specified sequence.
  6. To select the flashing pattern, hold button for 1 second then release.


Spectra Glove Light Built-in Flashing Patterns

1. Strobe
2. Hyperstrobe
3. Dops
4. Shadow
5. Strobie
6. Flicker
7. Chroma
8. Tracer
9. Centerpoint
11. Ultra Dops
12. iNova Blink
13. Strobe Fade
14. Strobe Morph
15. Dash Morph
16. Heartbeat
17. Pulse
18. Shapeshifter
19. Vex
20. Krush
21. Edge
22. Dash Dops
23. Seizure Strobe
24. Dop Strobie
25. Bloom
26. Flourish
27. Rainbow Roadkill
28. Core
29. Chopper
30. Particle
31. Razor
32. Blip
33. Wheel
34. Candy Strobe*
35. Imax Tribbon*
36. Stutter Strobe*
37. Inova Dops*
38. Mini-Edge*
39. VexFlow*
40. Chroma Morph*
41. Chroma Fade *
42. Hyper Blink*
43. Onebeat*
44. Fastbeat*
45. Matrix Tribbon*
46. Puppet's Pattern*
47. Extended Strobe Fade*
48. Dash Dot*

*Patterns 34-48 available on app only

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