What is a color set? How do I create my own?

A color set is the set of colors that are being displayed on a mode. On Mode 1, for example, the default color set is Hot Pink, White and Purple. Shake the ePoi back and forth to see all 3 of these colors in sequence.

Each of the 5 modes can be programmed to have its own distinct color set. You can also program 1 color set to apply universally across all modes.

The ePoi allow you to choose up to 3 colors per color set out of a 24 color palette. Here is how you do it.

  1. With the light ON, click until you see the mode you want to edit.
  2. Hold the button until the light flashes ORANGE, then release.
  3. Select a color by holding the button down on the desired color.
  4. When looking for your other desired colors, move the light to see a live preview of the colors you’ve already programmed combined with the color you're currently looking at.
  5. To program less than three colors, exit programming the color set by going to second color option, Blank (displays low flashing white). Hold the button down until you see a flashing red.

If you would like to program all 5 modes with the same three colors, hold down the button with ePoi OFF until orange. Then repeat these steps. This will overwrite any previously programmed color sets.


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