What is a Color Tint (brightness)? How do I select the different brightness levels for my colors?

A Color Tint is the brightness level of the selected color. For all color choices, there are three tint options to choose from. HIGH (H), MEDIUM (M), and LOW (L).

To select a Color Tint while choosing your colors within the EmazingLights Spectra App, simply tap the color to cycle through each Color Tint and preview the brightness level.

To select your Color Tint while manually programming your Spectra Evolution lights, please follow the steps below.

  1. When selecting any color while programming your color set, continue holding the button and the light will cycle through the 3 brightness levels.
  2. Release the button on your desired brightness level to add that color to your color set.

Why use tints? 

The default colors on the Spectra Evolution mode 1 are all high tint, so they will consume maximum battery. Using lower tints can help prolong your battery life. Secondly, you can add a lot more variety to your color sets by making some colors more subtle and others more emphasized.

For example, Sky Blue(L) + Purple(H) + Mint(M) on Shadow looks really nice.

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