How do I create a custom glove set and sync it to my lights?

Before you do this, make sure you know how to pair the Smart Hub to your phone, and how to sync your Smart Hub to your Spectra Glove Lights.

  1. Go to Glove Sets
  2. Tap (+)
  3. Select a Base Glove Set - Any mode can be swapped later.
  4. Name your Glove Set and choose an icon. Then tap the check mark.

Now you will be at the Mode Selection screen. From here you can edit modes, swap modes in and out, or turn modes on and off in case you don't want to use all 6 slots.

Most importantly, the Glove Sets menu is the only place in the app where you can Sync. Just turn your Smart Hub on and tap Sync, then wait for the confirmation screen. When confirmed, you can sync this glove set over to your Spectra Glove Lights. The Smart Hub will only display this glove set as it can only store one glove set a time.

On the Mode Selection screen you can also select Settings to arrange a default color palette, activate Demo or iNova timers, reset the Glove Set to Defaults, or delete the Glove Set.

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