How do I change the flashing pattern only for Sequence 2?

  1. With the light ON, click until you see the mode you want to edit.
  2. Hold the button until the light flashes BLUE, then release.
  3. You will see a low flashing blue. There are two flashing blue lights per mode. The first low flashing blue is to change the flash pattern for sequence 1 and the second faster low flashing blue is to change the flash pattern of sequence 2.
  4. Press and hold on the slow low flashing blue until the light turns off to bypass sequence 1 and go to sequence 2. You will now notice a faster low flashing blue.
  5. After you click past flashing blue, click to explore your 12 flashing pattern options.
  6. Move the light to see a live preview of the flashing pattern with the programmed colors for the specified sequence.
  7. To select the flashing pattern, hold the button until the light turns off.
  8. The chip is now programmed with the flash pattern you have selected. 

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