What is a flashing pattern? How do I select one?

A Flashing Pattern is the type of strobing or flashing effect the light uses. Each of the 4 modes on the ePoi Lite has 3 distinct flashing patterns to choose from. You can see them all in the chart below.


Default Modes and Flashing Patterns

When you click through the ePoi Lite, you will see that each Mode is default set to the left-most Flashing Pattern in its row. See below to learn how to select different Flashing Patterns within each Mode's horizontal row.


Select a Flashing Pattern

  1. With the ePoi Lite ON, click on the Mode row where you want to change your Flashing Pattern. Use the chart provided below to navigate. Ex: Click to Mode 2 if you'd like to change from Vex Flow to Ultra Dops.                       
  2. Click and hold until it flashes Blue. Then release                           
  3. Click through the 3 flashing pattern options in the row. When you find one you want to use, click and hold for half a second. 
  4. The ePoi Lite will now use this flashing pattern on the selected mode, even if you turn your ePoi on and off.



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