What is a Flashing Pattern? How do I select a different one?

A Flashing Pattern is the type of strobing or flashing effect the light uses. Does it strobe super fast, blink super slow, or does it just stay solid? Turn your lights on and wave them very fast in front of you to see!

Each of the Spectra Evolution's 6 modes can be switched between 33 different Flashing Patterns manually. 50 Flashing patterns are available for programming in the EmazingLights Spectra App.

Selecting your Flashing Pattern

  1. Turn ON your light and click to the mode that you want to change the flashing pattern for. 
    • Ex. Click to Mode 2 if you would like to change CORE to PULSE.
  2. Click and hold the button until the light flashes BLUE, then release.
  3. Cycle through the 33 different flashing patterns by clicking one at a time.
    • Tip: The Live Preview feature lets you see how each Flashing Pattern looks with your current color set, before setting a Flashing Pattern to the mode. 
  4. When you find the flashing pattern that you want to select, click and hold the button for a half second, then release.
  5. The light will return to the mode with the newly selected Flashing Pattern.

What are my Flashing Pattern options?

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