What is Flux Motion? How do I use it?

Flux Motion utilizes the ePoi's built-in accelerometer to dynamically react to your movements. As you speed up, slow down, toss or catch the poi, the 3 colors in your color set will melt between each other with awesome transitional hues.

Access Flux Motion by clicking to the 5th mode.

  1. The first color in the color set will display when the poi is idle or moving slowly.
  2. The second color will display while the ePoi is picking up speed.
  3. The third color will display when the ePoi has accelerated to a high speed.

It will take some practice to get the feel for how the accelerometer reacts. You will notice that movements like stalls, tosses, and any contact with the body will likely trigger a color change, so use that to your advantage!

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