How do I change my mode shuffle sequence?

The Flow V2 uses the Flow Timer to change patterns every 8 seconds. You can select from 3 different Mode Shuffles on-the-fly to keep your light show fresh. 

1. Click to turn on the light and do not click again. Clicking again will disable the Flow Timer. If you did this, turn the light off and back on again. 

2. Click and hold until the light flashes Yellow. Click through the 3 Yellow options: Solid, Blinky, and Super Blinky. These represent Vertical, Horizontal, and Selected shuffles respectively. Click and hold to select any of them:

Solid- "Vertical" This will manintain the default Mode Shuffle, flowing vertically down the column on the front of this sheet, starting with the left-most column and continuing right. This will use all 16 flashing patterns on loop. 

Blinky- "Horizontal" This will flow through the patterns left to right, starting with the top row and continuing down. This will also use all 16 flashing patterns on loop. 

Super Blinky- "Selected" This will flow through the 4 Flashing Patterns that you have currently selected. See the instructions "Selecting Flashing Patterns" to choose which patterns you'd like to display in the Mode Shuffle.





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