How do I create my own color sets?

The Flow V2 lets you create a custom Color Set combining up to 3 colors with just 1 button. This color set will be applied across all flashing patterns and will override all default colors. 

1. With the light OFF, click and hold the button. First it will flash Red, then it willf lash Orange. Release on Orange. 

2. You will now see White, the first color on the color palette below. Continue clicking to see all 20 colors. 

3. To choose the first colot of your color set, stop on the color you want and hold the button for half a second. 

4. Repeat step 3 to program your 2nd and 3rd color. To program less than 3 colors, go to "Blank" (appears low flashing white), click and hold until it flashes Red, then release. 

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