How do I select Flashing Patterns with the Flow Timer off?

After you turn on your Flow V2 and click once, your Flow Timer will deactivate and the modes will no longer change over time. Click to manually change between Modes 1-4.

Each mode is default set to the leftmost pattern indicated in the Default Modes chart.

Each mode may also be modified to use any Flashing Pattern in its highlighted row. Follow the instructions below to do this.

1. Click to turn on the light, then click again. If you do not click again you will not be able to access these Flashing Pattern Option. 

2. Click to the mode where you want to change your flashing pattern. 

3. Click and hold until you see a flashing Blue. Then release. 

4. Click through the 4 Flashing Pattern options in the row. When you find the one you want tt use, click and hold for half a second. 

5. The Flow V2 will now use this flashing pattern, even if you turn your light on and off.  


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