How do I program a color set?

This glove set allows you to program up to 7 colors in each set, including blank.  For each color, you can select a High (H), Medium (M), or Low (L) tint. Bold indicates a never-before-seen color. Asterisk indicates a color only seen on limited edition lights. 

1. Turn on your Chroma and click to the mode you want to change the color set for.

2. Hold the button down until your light flashes orange, then let go. 

3. Scroll through colors by clicking one at a time.

4. When you find a color you want to select, hold down the button for half a second and let go. You have selected your first color. 

5. Your light will now return to white, the color in the palette. You may now select your next color. You can repeat this up until you've chosen 7 colors. After your 7th color, the light will return to the selected mode with your new colors. 

6. If you want to use less than 7 colors, you can exit programming at any time by clicking to "Blank" (appears flashing white) and holding the button down until it flashes Red.




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