How do I sync the Smart Hub to my Spectras?

  1. With the Spectra Glove Light is off press and hold button until it turns YELLOW.
  2. It will display a solid BLUE showing that it is ready to receive a glove set.
  3. Next, with the Smart Hub off, press and hold the button until the LED turns YELLOW. You will notice the second Transfer LED had turned RED.
  4. Point the RED LED to the bottom left of the chip.
  5. When the Spectra flashes a distinct Aqua three times, the chip has been successfully synced.


It may take a few tries to get comfortable with flashing your lights. Follow these tips to perfect your technique and you’ll be a master in no time.

  • Aim for the bottom left portion of the microlight's chip board. When you hit it, take mental note of that spot.
  • If shooting the light head-on isn’t working, shoot it from the lower left angle (the 8 o’clock position).
  • Time Saver - Keep your gloves and casings on! No need to disassemble the lights to flash them. However, colored casings or colored gloves may make flashing more difficult. We recommend clear casings and white gloves for the easiest flash.
  • Time Saver #2 - You can set all 10 of your Spectras to receive a glove set and use the Smart Hub to sync them all at the same time.

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