Creating a Custom Color Set

The ePoi Lite lets you create Color Sets by combining any 3 colors on the Color Palette. Follow these steps to create a Color Set.


  1. With the light OFF, click and hold the button. Release when the ePoi
    flashes Orange.
  2. You will now see White, the first color on the Color Palette. Continue
    clicking to see all 20 color options.
  3. To choose the first color (1 of 3), stop on the color you want and hold
    the button for half a second. Then release. Now you will start back at
    White to select your 2nd and 3rd colors.
    Note: This Color Set will apply universally across all 4 Modes.
  4. If you want less than 3 colors in your Color Set, first program 1 o r2
    colors. Then go to the Color #2 “Blank” (appears low flashing white),
    then click and hold until the ePoi flashes Red. Then release.
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