Creating a Custom Color

First, remember to turn your Smart Hub on to Live Preview your color. Tap the Refresh button if you need to reconnect it.

After you choose to 'Add A New Color' from the Color Palette screen, you'll be taken to the color picker (displayed below). Here you can see all the different ways to create a color. There are millions of options! 

  • Drag your finger along the color picker until you found the color you want
  • Enter a hex code into the 'Selected Color' field
  • Tap RGB to adjust the Red-Green-Blue sliders.
  • Tap HSB to adjust the Hue-Saturation-Brightness sliders. (Tap the info button 🛈 to see how each of these work)

Tip - Tint Control: When you're editing a mode and choosing colors, tap the color 2 or 3 times to select from a high, medium or low tint.



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