How do I use the Smart Hub?

  1. To turn Spectra ON click the hub button. Spectra will be defaulted to Spectra chip settingsOnce ON, the light will display sequence 1 of mode 1. The light will always initially display sequence 1 for every modes. Click the button to cycle through all the additional modes. The light will go back to mode 1 once it has cycled through all six modes.
  2. To see sequence 2 on the hub, with the hub still ON, press and hold the hub button until you see a solid ORANGE, then release button. Repeat this step to see sequence 1 again.
  3. To turn the Spectra OFF, hold the button down for a second in any mode. Release the button when the light turns off.
  4. Click the button again to turn the Spectra back ON.


The Smart Hub works similarly to our glove lights. Click the button to turn it on and switch modes, and hold for half a second to turn off. The Smart Hub will only display the glove set that is currently synced to it.

If you just took it out of the box it will be eLocked, so hold the button for 3 seconds to unlock it.


From OFF

Hold the button down. The colors you see will represent the function you are selecting. Release on the color you want to select.

  • YELLOW - Release here to transfer a glove set from the Smart Hub to your Glove Lights. See here for more.
  • RED - Release here to enable eLock Battery Protection to prevent the Smart Hub from turning on in your pockets or bags. When you release you will see solid Red. Hold for half a second, then release and it will be locked. Hold it for a full 3 seconds to unlock.
  • BLUE - Release here when you are Bluetooth pairing the Smart Hub to the EmazingLights app. See here for more.


From ON

You can preview the glove set that is currently synced to the Smart Hub by clicking.

The Smart Hub does not have an accelerometer. To switch between Sequences 1 and 2 on Speed or Tilt Motion Settings:

  1. Turn the Smart Hub ON
  2. Click to navigate to a mode that is set to Speed or Tilt setting
  3. Click and hold until you see YELLOW. Then release. You can keep doing this to switch back and forth between Sequences 1 and 2.

For modes that use Flux Motion Setting, you will not be able to see a proper live preview on the Smart Hub. You will only be able to see this mode on the Spectra Glove Lights.

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