What is the Smart Hub?

The Smart Hub is the rectangular handheld LED device that came at the top of your Spectra Glove Set box. It is the cornerstone of the Bluetooth experience.

The Smart Hub will come eLocked so it doesn’t get activated in shipping. To unlock it, hold the button for 3 seconds.

It connects your phone to your glove lights in 2 important ways.

  1. Live Preview: While you are programming your glove sets on the EmazingLights app, the  Smart Hub's LED will show you exactly how your lights are going to look. See any color, pattern or mode as you're working on it.
  2. Bluetooth Sync: You can sync any 1 complete glove set to your hub at any time. Then, you can use the small red Transfer Bulb to flash the glove set data directly onto your glove lights.

You will learn more about both of these functions in this section.


2020 Batteries

The Smart Hub is powered by 2x 2020 Batteries. As a courtesy, we include an extra 10 batteries in every box. To change them, eject the battery drawer from the rear edge of the Smart Hub using your fingernail. Empty the tray and replace the batteries with both facing up towards the top of the hub.

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