How do I reorder my modes with the Spectra Glove Light?

  1. With the Spectra off, hold the button until it flashes green, then release.
  2. You can now select High Green(H) or Low Green(L).
  3. To begin Mode Re-ordering, hold button on High Green(H) until the light turns off, then release. To exit Mode Re-ordering and return the light to default mode order 1-6, hold button on Low Green(L) until the light turns off.
  4. You will see a low flashing green. Click past the low flashing mode to view your six programmed modes in default order. If you decide at this point in time that you like the current order of your modes, hold the button on this low flashing green to return back to normal operation without changing the current order. Otherwise, click past the low flashing green to view your six programmed modes in default order.
    Note: You will only see Sequence 1 for each mode while in Mode Reordering.
  5. To create a new order, click to the mode you want to position as 1st, then hold the button for a second to select it.
  6. The low flashing green will appear again. Click here to select the mode you would like to position as 2nd. Continue doing this for as many of the 6 mode slots as you would like to fill. You can exit with less than 6 modes at any time by clicking and holding the low flashing green for a second.



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